Why Is My Boiler in Boulder, CO Not Producing Heat?

Boiler in Boulder, CO

When a boiler doesn’t produce heat, there are ways to correct the problem. This guide has troubleshooting strategies that could help you fix a boiler in Boulder, CO, that has a heating problem.

No Power

If a boiler isn’t receiving power, it won’t produce any heat. This particular hardware problem occurs after a breaker trips. You can correct it by resetting the breaker; however, if the breaker trips again, you’ll need to hire a professional.

A blown fuse can cause a power-related problem as well. You should never try to replace a blown fuse because this is a dangerous task requiring a trained technician.

Gas Valve Issue

In some cases, a boiler that’s receiving power will still lack the ability to produce heat. In this situation, the boiler probably needs gas. Gas will no longer reach a boiler if the gas valve is fully or partially closed, so check the valve and confirm that it’s open.

Ignition Problem

Every boiler has an electronic ignition system or a standard ignition system. Typically, all boilers over a decade old will have an ignition with a pilot light. If this light goes out, a boiler will lose its ability to heat up gallons of water.

To reset the pilot light, find the pilot light dial and turn it off. Next, give the gas time to dissipate. This usually happens within five minutes.

At this point, rotate the switch again, and hold the reset button down. Finally, extend a long lighter over the pilot light port while you’re holding the reset button until a flame ignites. If you need to reset an electronic ignition, contact a technician because electronic ignition hardware is fragile.

Whenever you encounter a challenging boiler problem, contact Vectra Mechanical HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing to request a heating repair specialist. We’ll perform detailed diagnostics before the project begins.

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