What to Expect from a UV Light Air Cleaner

UV Light Air Cleaner in Golden, CO

From placid lakes to stunning hiking trails, Golden, CO and the surrounding area offer plenty of places to catch a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, it’s often a different story once you head indoors. Poor indoor air quality is a serious problem in many area homes and commercial spaces, but there are solutions. One proven way to enjoy cleaner, healthier air is to outfit your HVAC system with an innovative UV light air cleaner.

The Science of UV Purification

Ultraviolet (UV) light is used for everything from disinfecting drinking water supplies to sterilizing hospitals and medical equipment. That’s because UV light is highly effective at killing or neutralizing a wide variety of pathogens and other microscopic organisms. Unlike visible light, UV light has an extremely short wavelength that’s easily absorbed by DNA molecules. This can quickly cause enough genetic damage to effectively sterilize bacteria and other troublesome microbes.

How UV Light Air Cleaners Work

In an HVAC system, the unique properties of ultraviolet light make it extremely useful for managing certain indoor pollutants. A UV light air cleaner is typically installed in your system’s return air vent. As air is circulated through the vent, the UV light’s germicidal action helps neutralize any biological organisms. However, UV isn’t effective against dust, dander, and other airborne particulates. For full coverage, a UV light system should be paired with a high-efficiency air filter.

Shining a Light on Indoor Air Quality

Even in Colorado’s relatively dry climate, many HVAC systems harbor patchy colonies of organic growth. Microbes can often pass through standard air filters and enter your living space, causing allergic reactions and other respiratory complications. It’s also not uncommon for airborne pathogens to be spread throughout an indoor space by a central air system. Installing a UV light air cleaner is a safe, effective way to tackle these tricky indoor air quality threats. This is especially important for small children, elderly people, and others who have severe allergies or respiratory difficulties.

When it comes to comfort and wellness, Vectra Mechanical HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing leads the way. Our indoor air quality solutions can help you control allergens, eliminate odors and create a safer and more comfortable environment.

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