Invest in a Humidifier for Year-Round Comfort

humidifier in Boulder, CO

The Boulder, CO area is undeniably beautiful, but it does present some unique climate control challenges. For lasting comfort all year long, a quality humidifier is a smart and affordable investment.

Life in the Desert

Everyone knows excessive humidity makes the air feel sticky and oppressive, but tropical air is rarely a problem in Colorado. The semi-arid climate means the air is usually very dry throughout the year. Even indoors, humidity levels frequently dip below the 30% minimum most experts recommend. It’s a serious problem, but installing a humidifier can deliver major benefits no matter the season.

Winter Warmth and Wellness

In the winter months, the air is often both very cold and very dry. Cranking up your heating system may provide warmth, but it also makes the air feel even drier. This can quickly lead to symptoms like dehydration, dry eyes, itchy skin, and chapped lips. It can also dry out and inflame your nasal passages, potentially making you more vulnerable to respiratory issues. Many pathogens survive best in dry air as well, increasing the risk of illness and infection. By restoring moisture to the air, a humidifier makes your indoor space more comfortable and healthier for everyone.

Alleviate the Arid Heat

In many areas of the country, warmer weather means increasing humidity. In Boulder and surrounding communities, however, heat and humidity rarely go hand in hand. Spending time in hot, dry spaces can irritate your airways, dry out your skin, and increase the risk of dehydration. It can also exacerbate allergies and asthma symptoms. Since air conditioners work partly by removing moisture from the air, trying to stay cool makes the air even drier. A humidifier can help prevent these problems, seamlessly maintaining proper humidity levels even on the hottest days.

If you’re serious about keeping your home or business comfortable, don’t forget about the importance of humidity. At Vectra Mechanical HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing, we have the premium humidifiers and expert service technicians to deliver outstanding climate control solutions.

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