4 Ways a Whole-Home Generator Can Help You in Denver, CO

Whole-Home Generator in Denver, CO

If you live in a stormy area with frequent power disruptions, a whole-home generator can help keep your home running well. Here are some of the benefits of keeping the power running when there is a disruption in Denver, CO.

Safety Purposes

When a power outage occurs, there are many ways your home becomes riskier. Dark rooms mean more slipping and tripping. Security systems go dark. Important medical equipment won’t work without a battery backup.

With a whole-home generator, you can keep your lights, medical equipment, and security system running during storms and their aftermath.

Ease of Use

A whole-home generator can efficiently work for hours without any problems if the fuel supply is constant. When the electricity goes off, you’ll hardly notice any significant change in the power.

Portable generators require you to get them out, pull-start, and connect the items you want without going over the power load. A whole-home generator often connects to your home’s electrical system through the breaker box. Starting it can be as simple as flipping a couple of switches.

More Consistent Comfort

Power outages often happen during times of extreme temperatures. Thunderstorms and hot summer days come hand-in-hand, just like snowstorms and extreme cold.

Most portable generators don’t have the power to run an HVAC system. Keep your home at the temperature that you like by choosing a whole-home system sized to keep you comfortable.

Food Preservation

When the power outage hits your neighborhood, you risk losing all the food in the fridge. Food spoilage can cost money through waste, which is especially devastating when you have a tight budget. Hunters and fishermen also risk losing their hard-earned catch.

We install and maintain this kind of generator at a budget-friendly price. Give us a call at Vectra Mechanical HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing today to learn more about how a whole-home generator can help you the next time the power goes out.

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