4 Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring in Erie, CO

Home Rewiring in Erie, CO

A home electrical problem is more than a simple inconvenience because it can be costly, time-consuming, and dangerous. Faulty or old wiring can cause severe property damage and pose a fire hazard. If you notice these signs in your Erie, CO, home, then it might be time to have a professional rewire it.

1. Circuits Regularly Trip

If your circuits keep tripping, it means that you are overloading them and they can no longer meet your demands. It’s a common issue in older homes because modern appliances and entertainment systems have higher electric demands that the old wiring system cannot meet. It’s best to hire a licensed electrician to inspect your home’s wiring system and help with the installation of new wiring, should it be necessary.

2. Dimming or Flickering Lights

A spike or decline in power, evident if your lights keep flickering or dimming, is a sign you may need to rewire your home. It’s common to assume that your light bulbs are faulty, which isn’t the case. Hire a qualified electrician for electrical replacement and protect your home from fire hazards.

3. Discolored Switches or Outlets

If you notice your outlets sparking or find discoloration on/around your switches, it may point to faulty wiring. Faulty or loose wiring near a switch or outlet causes sparks, which can discolor the outlet or switch. It’s wise to fix the issue immediately by rewiring your home to prevent an electrical fire.

4. Burning Smells

If you notice a persistent burning smell without a source, it might be originating from your wires. Faulty or loose wires create sparks that can singe walls and outlets. If you don’t notice visible signs of burning on power outlets, it could be happening behind the walls, so address the issue immediately.

Hire the right electrician for electrical rewiring if you notice the signs above. Our electricians have the highest certification grades possible and are ready to inspect and rewire your home with quality service. Call Vectra Mechanical HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing today for affordable and reputable electrical repair and surge protection services.

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