3 Signs You Need a New Heat Pump in Boulder, CO

New Heat Pump in Boulder, CO

Your heat pump in Boulder, CO, may be anywhere from 10 to 20 years old, but the time will come when a new system must take its place. Hold off on replacement, though, until you recognize some of the following issues with your heat pump.

1. Unresponsive to Repairs

The first, most obvious sign would be a heat pump that breaks down or at least operates inefficiently. It may shut down before reaching the set point, or it may, conversely, run forever without cooling. It may not blow out as forcefully as it should.

Let’s say that you’ve had a technician over to address these. Assuming that technicians did their job, you shouldn’t have to see such problems again for a long time; if you do, then it shows that your system has little life left in it.

2. Raising Your Monthly Bill

If you’ve been getting planned maintenance for your heat pump, you’ve probably enjoyed having lower energy bills. When the bills start to rise for unexplained reasons in the middle of summer, though, then your system may have become worn to a point beyond repair.

3. Unable to Clean Your Air

Indoor air quality goes down with heat pump performance. Perhaps you’ve noticed higher humidity levels in your home, or you smell something musty in the vents; maybe you or someone else is suffering from an allergy or has asthma-related symptoms. These can indicate a failing heat pump.

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Many homeowners in Boulder, CO have relied on Vectra Mechanical HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing to take on their heat pump repairs and replacements, so see if we’ll be the right fit for you by calling today. We think you’ll love working with our experienced, friendly, professional, and NATE-certified technicians. As a Daikin Comfort Pro, our company can show you a wide range of heat pump products and help you choose one that suits your home.

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