3 Mistakes People Make With a Thermostat in Denver, CO

comfy thermostat setting

The thermostat plays a crucial role in regulating temperatures and enhancing your home’s comfort. But due to misconceptions, some homeowners don’t use the device correctly. Here are the top three mistakes people make with a thermostat in Denver, CO.

Not Adjusting Temperature Settings

As spring ushers in the warm weather in Denver, the right thermostat settings will keep you comfortable through the season. Improper configurations will overwork your heating and air conditioning and shorten its lifetime.

The ideal temperature in spring and summer is 76-78 degrees Fahrenheit, but it may vary between households. You can start with a setting of 78 and lower it by one degree until you find the most comfortable setting.

Improper Thermostat Placement

The location of your controller can affect the device’s temperature readings. It should never be in an area of the building that is either too cold or too hot.

Improper placement will affect the performance of your cooling system. Ghost readings could cause your AC to run continuously, wasting energy in the process. If you suspect a fault in your system, opt for AC repairs in Denver.

Not Upgrading to a Smart Thermostat

A traditional thermostat has a control dial to raise or lower temperatures. The manual operation makes adjusting temperatures an inconvenience.

A programmable controller adjusts temperatures precisely to optimize energy efficiency. Consider installing a programmable controller with advanced features, such as Wi-Fi and wireless control. You can integrate a smart controller with your home’s automation system for more convenience and comfort.

You can expect our highly trained technicians to perform the thermostat installation correctly the first time. Call Vectra Mechanical HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing for the latest thermostat technologies for optimum AC performance in Denver.

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